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Chivalry, Christian Vitalism, and Building a Theory Brand on Twitter with Parker from Chivalry Guild

The Chivalry Guild is a Twitter account about the theory, history, and aesthetics of chivalry.

Truth Machines Against the Gerontocracy with Richard Craib of Numerai

I talk with Numerai founder Richard Craib about finance and truth, the regulation of crypto, how to raise money for crazy ideas, how to persist on crazy ideas, the future of artificial intelligence, and how to overthrow the Elite Gerontocracy.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper, Nick Land, and Kant

From a private seminar hosted in the Other Life community.

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty by Albert Hirschman (Lecture)

A lecture on Albert Hirschman's classic book from 1970.

The Internet is a Schizophrenia Simulator with Paul Town

Paul Town is an author and all-around star of the internet underground.

Get jacked, build a cult, and get $$$ with Gritcult

Gritcult is a Twitter anon who's built a small business empire exclusively through Twitter.

The Future of Social Businesses with Mark Beylin of Myco

Mark Beylin is a co-founder of Myco, a platform for Web3 social businesses.

The Crypto Reformation with Josh Rosenthal

Josh Rosenthal is a former academic historian and a specialist in the European Renaissance and Wars of Religion.

The Art of Violence with Girardian Stuntman Eric Jacobus

Eric Jacobus is a professional stuntman, motion designer, and independent philosopher.

Pseudonymous Decentralization with Indian Bronson

Indian Bronson is a pseudonymous writer and an early employee at Swype.

How the Metaverse Takes Over National Economies with Gabby Dizon of Yield Guild Games

Gabby Dizon is the founder of Yield Guild Games ($YGG), a decentralized autonomous organization that lends video-game assets to professional gamers for profit.

From Frogtwitter to Crypto Millionaire with Path

Path started trading crypto when he was 15 and made a ton of money. He's famous for calling the Bitcoin top in 2017 but less known is that he's an OG of the 2015 Meme War and an Urbit bull.

ȘȈǤƝȘ 63: Reality Splitters (Based Mansion 2)

How to find frontiers, Mónica Belevan's theory of Covidian Aesthetics, how to listen to podcasts, a light for the most midnightly men (according to Nietzsche), how microdosing works, plus upcoming events (Based Mansion, Austin)

Bataille, NFTs, and Crypto-Sovereignty with Mónica Belevan

Mónica Belevan is a Peruvian theorist and crypto entrepreneur.

Crowdfunding an Urbit Galaxy?

I'm joined by James of Zora.co and Kenny Rowe of the Dalten Collective to discuss crowdfunding an Urbit galaxy.

The Psychedelic Century with Brom Rector

Brom Rector is a Youtuber, podcaster, and venture capitalist focused on the psychedelics industry.

DIY Gene Hacking, Genetic Bioweapons, and Crushing It on Substack with Razib Khan

Razib Khan writes the #1 Substack in the Science category.

The Testament of Ivan Illich with Biographer David Cayley

We talk with the preeminent biographer of Ivan Illich on the life and times of the great Catholic anarchist priest.

How to Build a Tokenized Creator Community with Jess Sloss of Seed Club

Jess Sloss is a lead instigator of Seed Club, an incubator of tokenized communities.

The Abolition of Institutions: On Ivan Illich with LM Sacasas and Nina Power

LM Sacasas is a theorist of technology and expert on Ivan Illich.

Building an Idea Company on Youtube with David Fuller of Rebel Wisdom

David Fuller is a co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, a media company and community dedicated to ideas and independent sense-making.

McAfee $WHACKD? Ivan Illich, DAO, China

Discussing the death of John McAfee, the philosophy of Ivan Illich, the $LIFE DAO, and China's ban on Bitcoin mining.

Augustine, Girard, Closed Patreon, Bitcoin Maximalism

I discuss St. Augustine, René Girard, Austin updates, closing my Patreon, and Bitcoin maximalism.

How to Reboot the American Empire with Wolf Tivy, Editor-in-Chief of Palladium

Wolf Tivy is Editor-in-Chief of Palladium Magazine.

Other Life Live - Vaxxed, Reply to Luke Smith, Chat for God updates, etc.

I discuss getting vaxxed, the future of Chat for God, and reply to Luke Smith.

Ivan Illich: Deschooling and Conviviality with Nina Power

Nina Power is a British philosopher. She teaches an online course about Ivan Illich at https://IllichCourse.com.

Artificial Intelligence, Dogecoin, Arranged Marriages - Other Life

Discussing AI, crypto, and marriage with friends while microdosing.

Other Life with Bitcoin Sign Guy Christian Langalis

Interview with Bitcoin Sign Guy Christian Langalis.

Is the Normie Internet Satanic? Plus "White Male Fart Orgy," with Barrett Avner

Is Satanism going mainstream, or is it angelicism in disguise?

The Key Ideas of René Girard: Mimetic Desire, Violence, and Christianity with Geoff Shullenberger

The best single stop for all things René Girard: Rivalry, Resentment, Conversion, the Founding Murder, the Scapegoat, Sacrifice, Myth, and Christianity, with NYU lecturer Geoff Shullenberger (@daily_barbarian).

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