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The World's Best Crypto Investor Invested in Urbit with Joey Krug of Pantera Capital

Joey Krug is Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital, the biggest crypto hedge fund in the world.

Insanely Bullish on Urbit With Uqbar Founder ~timluc-miptev

Timluc is a top Urbit engineer and founder of Uqbar, a zero-knowledge ETH Layer 2 built on Urbit.

The ESG Scam: Bitcoin, Indie Media, and Natural Gas with Marty Bent

Marty Bent is the founder of, a media company focused on Bitcoin and freedom in the digital age.

The Harvard Finance Bro Building an Urbit Network State in El Salvador

~Nilrun-mardux is co-host of The Network Age podcast and founder of AlephDAO, an early network state project on Urbit via El Salvador.

Charles Taylor and Paperclip Maximizers with Ellie Haine and Joe Edelman

Ellie Hain and Joe Edelman are itinerant thinkers designing a new kind of social movement.

Logistically Accelerating Techno-Economic Interactivity Crumbles Social Order

One sentence in Nick Land's famous text Meltdown.

How Chris Williamson Grew Modern Wisdom From Zero to 450k Subscribers

Chris Williamson runs the Modern Wisdom podcast and YouTube channel.

Curtis Yarvin on Crypto: Bitcoin, DAOs, Inflation, and Government Crackdowns

Curtis Yarvin is the author of Gray Mirror.

Flannery O'Connor and the Mysterious Secrets of Writing

How to persist on strange paths nobody else can understand.

"The story goes like this: Earth is captured by a technocapital singularity..."

In the most underrated work of social theory from the 1990s, Nick Land presents a sweeping theory of modernity.

The Hyperreal Plague: How Girard & Baudrillard Explain the Pandemic with Geoffrey Shullenberger

Geoffrey Shullenberger is a lecturer at NYU and runs the newsletter and podcast.

Zero-Knowledge Crypto-Anarchy with Rachel-Rose O'Leary from DarkFi

Rachel-Rose O'Leary was an artist before getting into crypto through Nick Land and Julian Assange.

Be Not Afraid with James Ellis from Hermitix

James Ellis hosts the podcast Hermitix.

Software as Soulcraft and the Metaphysics of Engineering with Neal Davis

Neal Davis is a professor of computer science and the director of Urbit's Hoon School.

The Bull Case for Milady: Evaluating NFTs and Debunking the Miya FUD with Vers la Lune

Vers la Lune is an NFT degen who hosts the podcast Version 4, which published the first interview with Miya the BPD God in 2020.

Launching the Mars Review of Books with Noah Kumin

Noah Kumin is the founder and editor of the Mars Review of Books.

The Metaphysical Desires of René Girard with Johnathan Bi

Johnathan Bi is a founder and independent scholar working on René Girard.

What's Going on With Milady Maker? How to Think About Decentralized and Controversial Art

On Milady, Miya, and the controversy surrounding Remilia Corporation.

The Pathless Path with Indie Consultant Paul Millerd

Paul Millerd was a McKinsey consultant before quitting for an independent life on the internet.

Coffee With Hitler: Writing Poetry and Novels with Steff and Autumn

Steff is a poet and Autumn is a novelist.

10% More Psycho: On Tolstoy, Gandhi, and Christ with Mike Elias of

We discuss the enneagram personality model, my decision to become 10% more psycho, why Mike loves Gandhi, Christian anarchism, and markets for truth.

Building a Village DAO with Andrew Hitchcock of Montanoso

Andrew Hitchock bought 21 acres outside Austin to build a village DAO.

Only God Can Cancel Us: On Immanent Cyberculture with Endproject

At the Other Life x Urbit meetup in Austin, a group of 8 people rocked up wearing black trenchcoats.

Personal Knowledge Management is Bull5h1† — Other Life

Livestream on my essay about why personal knowledge management is BS.

Web3 Gaming is Mostly a Scam with Charlie Smith, Co-Founder of Nifty Island

We discuss what's real and what's not in web3 gaming, and the future of crypto countries.

Alt-Lit and Indie Sleaze Redux with DefaultFriend

We discuss the evolution of "alt lit," the formative experience of "indie sleaze" for millennials, why party photography went out of fashion, and the gathering wave of...

Building DAOs on Urbit with Holium & The Combine

We discuss the imminent future of DAOs on Urbit with the founder of Holium (~lomder-librun) and Anthony (~poldec-tonteg) from the Urbit-focused startup accelerator The...

Human Forever with James Poulos

James Poulos is a Tocqueville scholar who wrote The Art of Being Free (2017) and Human Forever (2021).

Riva Tez on Epistemological Freedom: Feyerabend, Science Funding, and How to Do Whatever You Want

Riva Tez wants to fund epistemological anarchy in science.

The Improvement Illusion and the Dying NYRB

Why waiting to write down your ideas will not make them better, and why the NYRB will be dead within 16 years.

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