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Augustine, Girard, Closed Patreon, Bitcoin Maximalism

I discuss St. Augustine, René Girard, Austin updates, closing my Patreon, and Bitcoin maximalism.

How to Reboot the American Empire with Wolf Tivy, Editor-in-Chief of Palladium

Wolf Tivy is Editor-in-Chief of Palladium Magazine.

Other Life Live - Vaxxed, Reply to Luke Smith, Chat for God updates, etc.

I discuss getting vaxxed, the future of Chat for God, and reply to Luke Smith.

Ivan Illich: Deschooling and Conviviality with Nina Power

Nina Power is a British philosopher. She teaches an online course about Ivan Illich at https://IllichCourse.com.

Artificial Intelligence, Dogecoin, Arranged Marriages - Other Life

Discussing AI, crypto, and marriage with friends while microdosing.

Other Life with Bitcoin Sign Guy Christian Langalis

Interview with Bitcoin Sign Guy Christian Langalis.

Is the Normie Internet Satanic? Plus "White Male Fart Orgy," with Barrett Avner

Is Satanism going mainstream, or is it angelicism in disguise?

The Key Ideas of René Girard: Mimetic Desire, Violence, and Christianity with Geoff Shullenberger

The best single stop for all things René Girard: Rivalry, Resentment, Conversion, the Founding Murder, the Scapegoat, Sacrifice, Myth, and Christianity, with NYU lecturer Geoff Shullenberger (@daily_barbarian).

Eric Weinstein's Geometric Unity

We discuss Eric Weinstein's new paper on Geometric Unity

Samo Burja on Intellectual Legitimacy and His Business Model as a Private Researcher

Samo Burja is an independent researcher. We discuss his ideas on Great Founder Theory and intellectual legitimacy, and he explains the business model he's built to support their development.

Urbit for Creators with Josh Lehman, Director of Urbit Foundation

We discuss the current state of Urbit and how it could win as a solution for creators

On NFTs, Papa John, Twitter Purge, Meghan Markle, Q&A

I analyze the NFT phenomena, Papa John's N-word habit, and the British royals who defected to be content creators.

What Do Edgelord E-Girls Want? With @Unbridled_Id

A Gen-Z edgelord e-girl teaches how you, too, can become a sigma-male podcaster BF

On TikTok Alpha Males and Eric Weinstein

We react to schizo TikTok simps and Eric Weinstein's paranoia

On Vaush, Tim Pool, and Antiracist Baby with Live Q&A

Reacting to some material gathered by intern Ben, live from my home in Austin

A Literal Marketplace of Ideas with Mike Elias of IdeaMarket.io

Mike Elias is a theorist and writer who recently founded IdeaMarket.io—a stock market for pricing public intellectuals.

My $5k Deal with Ben, China, Bitcoin, Christianity - Live Q&A

I discuss my deal with Ben to give him $5k if my Youtube subscribers double in next 3 months—and answer other audience questions.

On Outsider Teaching with Carl Jung Lecturer John David Ebert

I reflect on the courses I'm building with my newest lecturer, John David Ebert (whose Jung course is now open for enrollment).

Quirked Up Whodies with Barrett Avner

Barrett from the Contain podcast just moved to Austin too—we talk about quirked up shawties and normie bug ontology so don't listen if you only like my serious podcasts.

Revolt Against Wall Street with Day Trader Jacob

This week was one of the craziest weeks in the history of American finance. Jacob explains the whole story of how the Reddit community Wallstreetbets is tanking a prestigious Wall Street hedge fund.

Capitol Riots and Bitcoin Christianity

I discuss my recent move to Austin TX, chaos at the Capitol, and the parallels between Bitcoin and Christianity with Jacob (@cryptochamomile).

Carl Jung's Model of the Psyche with John David Ebert

This is a warm-up for an 8-week course on Carl Jung, starting on February 20th.

Building Startup Cities with Dryden Brown of Bluebook Cities

Dryden Brown is building a new kind of city, from the cloud, in a style he calls hero-futurism.

Leo Strauss on Persecution, Education, and Revelation with Michael Millerman

Probably the best single podcast on the ideas of Leo Strauss. A warmup for Michael's 8-week course starting January 23.

Reality-Forking Communities with Erik Torenberg and Greg Isenberg

I discuss my theory of reality forking with two tech entrepreneurs who specialize in community business models.

Q&A on Crypto, Community, and the Future of Other Life

What percentage of my net worth is in crypto? Is the future of academia on Youtube, or where? Would I cut ties with Patreon? Do I consider myself uncensorable? What is the value of my brand? Where is it heading? Why am I launching a social token? Where do I locate myself in relation to other professionals becoming indie creators, like journalists going to Substack?

The Business of Indie Philosophy Comics, with Philosopher-Illustrator Tom K of Uncivilized Books

Tom Kaczynski is a successful indie thinker in a most challenging niche: Philosophy comics. Over 10 years, Tom K. has built an impressive little empire as an independent illustrator, teacher, and publisher. In this podcast, he teaches us how he did it.

How Creators Are Creating Money for Their Communities, with Bradley Miles of Roll

After all the scams of the 2017 ICO craze, there's a new wave of genuine creators and communities creating serious value with social currencies. Bradley Miles is the CEO of a startup called Roll, which facilitates this process for creators.

Tokenizing Content with Kenny Rowe of the Dalten Collective

We discuss the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the creator economy and our idea to mint NFTs for other kinds of media, like podcasts.

Can We Escape? On Deleuze and Heidegger with Johannes Niederhauser

We're launching our Deleuze vs. Heidegger seminar, starting this Sunday, November 22. Download the reading list: otherlife.co/deleuze-vs-heidegger

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