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Oscar Wilde and J.R.R. Tolkien with Paul Fortunato

Oscar Wilde and J.R.R. Tolkien used consumer culture to create works of art. In this podcast, we try to draw some lessons from their lives. I'm joined by Paul Fortunat...

YouTube Radicalization is a Myth with Mark Ledwich

It's widely believed the YouTube algorithm radicalizes viewers but Mark's research puts this theory to rest. Researcher and longtime member of the Other Life community...

Virtue and Excellence: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics with Colin Redemer

Colin Redemer is a professor at Saint Mary's College of California and VP of the Davenant Institute.

The Violent Focus of Francis Bacon

How to build a pressure-cooker Lebenswelt.

Writing in the Age of Machine Intelligence

Reflections on writing and creating in the era of GPT-N.

Young Balzac: Disordered Knowledge, Strange Student

A story about childhood and the unjustified gall to believe in one's potential greatness.

From PhD to LandChad: Digital Sovereignty, Christianity, and IRLmaxxing with Luke Smith (Live at Mansion #3)

Luke Smith was a PhD student in linguistics before he grew his Youtube channel to 168,000 subscribers—with his unique perspectives on digital, financial, and mental so...

"360 Degree Conviction:" 10 Years of Counterculture with Asher Penn of Sex Magazine

How to persist on countercultural projects for the long haul.

Bad CEX: On FTX and SBF (with The Network Age podcast)

The downfall of Sam Bankman-Fried, why it matters, and what comes next

Alex Lee Moyer's War with Filmmaker Alex Lee Moyer

Alex Lee Moyer is the director of TFW NO GF and most recently Alex's War.

Ye the Holy Fool; Nick Land Dead?; Sam Kriss on the Internet

The internet has only just begun

Deregulation and the State Arms-Race Into Cyberspace

Every sentence from Nick Land's Meltdown, one at a time.

How the "Intellectual Dark Web" Ended with David Fuller

Now that we're past Peak Wokeness, has "heterodoxy" exhausted itself? That's the argument of David Fuller, co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, a popular but now retired media ...

The World's Best Crypto Investor Invested in Urbit with Joey Krug of Pantera Capital

Joey Krug is Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital, the biggest crypto hedge fund in the world.

Insanely Bullish on Urbit With Uqbar Founder ~timluc-miptev

Timluc is a top Urbit engineer and founder of Uqbar, a zero-knowledge ETH Layer 2 built on Urbit.

The ESG Scam: Bitcoin, Indie Media, and Natural Gas with Marty Bent

Marty Bent is the founder of, a media company focused on Bitcoin and freedom in the digital age.

The Harvard Finance Bro Building an Urbit Network State in El Salvador

~Nilrun-mardux is co-host of The Network Age podcast and founder of AlephDAO, an early network state project on Urbit via El Salvador.

Charles Taylor and Paperclip Maximizers with Ellie Haine and Joe Edelman

Ellie Hain and Joe Edelman are itinerant thinkers designing a new kind of social movement.

Logistically Accelerating Techno-Economic Interactivity Crumbles Social Order

One sentence in Nick Land's famous text Meltdown.

How Chris Williamson Grew Modern Wisdom From Zero to 450k Subscribers

Chris Williamson runs the Modern Wisdom podcast and YouTube channel.

Curtis Yarvin on Crypto: Bitcoin, DAOs, Inflation, and Government Crackdowns

Curtis Yarvin is the author of Gray Mirror.

Flannery O'Connor and the Mysterious Secrets of Writing

How to persist on strange paths nobody else can understand.

"The story goes like this: Earth is captured by a technocapital singularity..."

In the most underrated work of social theory from the 1990s, Nick Land presents a sweeping theory of modernity.

The Hyperreal Plague: How Girard & Baudrillard Explain the Pandemic with Geoffrey Shullenberger

Geoffrey Shullenberger is a lecturer at NYU and runs the newsletter and podcast.

Zero-Knowledge Crypto-Anarchy with Rachel-Rose O'Leary from DarkFi

Rachel-Rose O'Leary was an artist before getting into crypto through Nick Land and Julian Assange.

Be Not Afraid with James Ellis from Hermitix

James Ellis hosts the podcast Hermitix.

Software as Soulcraft and the Metaphysics of Engineering with Neal Davis

Neal Davis is a professor of computer science and the director of Urbit's Hoon School.

The Bull Case for Milady: Evaluating NFTs and Debunking the Miya FUD with Vers la Lune

Vers la Lune is an NFT degen who hosts the podcast Version 4, which published the first interview with Miya the BPD God in 2020.

Launching the Mars Review of Books with Noah Kumin

Noah Kumin is the founder and editor of the Mars Review of Books.

The Metaphysical Desires of René Girard with Johnathan Bi

Johnathan Bi is a founder and independent scholar working on René Girard.

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