Philosophy, science, and technology with Justin Murphy and friends.

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Software as Soulcraft and the Metaphysics of Engineering with Neal Davis

Neal Davis is a professor of computer science and the director of Urbit's Hoon School.

The Bull Case for Milady: Evaluating NFTs and Debunking the Miya FUD with Vers la Lune

Vers la Lune is an NFT degen who hosts the podcast Version 4, which published the first interview with Miya the BPD God in 2020.

Launching the Mars Review of Books with Noah Kumin

Noah Kumin is the founder and editor of the Mars Review of Books.

The Metaphysical Desires of René Girard with Johnathan Bi

Johnathan Bi is a founder and independent scholar working on René Girard.

What's Going on With Milady Maker? How to Think About Decentralized and Controversial Art

On Milady, Miya, and the controversy surrounding Remilia Corporation.

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