Ezra Pound: The Solitary Volcano

Ezra Pound: The Solitary Volcano

We dissect the complex life of Ezra Pound, one of the most interesting and controversial poetic geniuses of the 20th century. You'll gain insight into: Why Pound was so influential, his extraordinary talent-spotting skills, and his knack for turning vibrant social scenes into artistic movements. However, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride, as we also delve into the darker sides of Pound's life, including his descent into Fascism and anti-semitism. I believe the story is a cautionary tale about resentment, the modern passion par excellence, and a dangerous trap for people who rebel against institutions.

This podcast will help you understand Pound's poetic and cultural innovations, including Imagism and Vorticism, and how his strong opinions and unique perspective propelled him, despite his controversial and often off-putting personality. We'll recount his turbulent career during WWI and WWII, his friendship with W.B. Yeats, the launch of Blast Magazine, and much more.

This podcast is based on a close reading of Ezra Pound: The Solitary Volcano (1987) by John Tytell.


(0:00:00) - Intro
(0:04:04) - Summary of Lessons From Ezra Pound's Life
(0:17:22) - Dense Networks and Creative Success
(0:26:26) - Imagism and Vorticism
(0:37:05) - Wyndham Lewis and Blast Magazine
(0:42:41) - A Restless and Controversial Personality
(0:53:07) - Taste, Talent-Spotting, and Pound's Extreme Generosity
(1:04:52) - Downward Spiral
(1:18:29) - Ezra Pound's Reflections Late in Life
(1:22:07) - Final Lessons

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