Write for Yourself and Yourself Alone

Write for Yourself and Yourself Alone

In this episode, we explore the principle of writing for oneself and how many of history's greatest writers have operated on this principle. We discuss the importance of writing in a way that pleases only oneself and how sacrificing even a hair of one's vision in order to please someone else is the most abject of treacheries. Listen in as we examine the stakes of writing and how it truly matters whether you're writing for yourself out of a conviction in truth and beauty, or for others in order to please them.

We also discuss the challenges of writing for oneself in the era of social media, where the nearness of the audience can make one lose the self. We consider the difficulty of recultivating the self in today's world and how it requires a certain degree of anti-social discipline and effortful recultivation of the self.


(0:00:00) - Writing for Yourself
(0:05:56) - Cultivating A Self 

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