The Key Ideas of René Girard: Mimetic Desire, Violence, and Christianity with Geoff Shullenberger

The best single stop for all things René Girard: Rivalry, Resentment, Conversion, the Founding Murder, the Scapegoat, Sacrifice, Myth, and Christianity, with NYU lecturer Geoff Shullenberger (@daily_barbarian).

Geoff Shullenberger is a lecturer at NYU. Download his free Girard study guide at

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In this podcast, we discuss:
Week 1: Introduction to Mimetic Theory
Week 2: Rivalry, Resentment, and Conversion
Week 3: The Founding Murder, the Scapegoat, and Sacrifice
Week 4: Deciphering Myth
Week 5: The Scandal of Christianity
Week 6: Girard Contra Nietzsche and Freud
Week 7: The Persistence of Scapegoating

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