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Chivalry, Christian Vitalism, and Building a Theory Brand on Twitter with Parker from Chivalry Guild

The Chivalry Guild is a Twitter account about the theory, history, and aesthetics of chivalry.

Truth Machines Against the Gerontocracy with Richard Craib of Numerai

I talk with Numerai founder Richard Craib about finance and truth, the regulation of crypto, how to raise money for crazy ideas, how to persist on crazy ideas, the fut...

The Bitcoin Whitepaper, Nick Land, and Kant

From a private seminar hosted in the Other Life community.

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty by Albert Hirschman (Lecture)

A lecture on Albert Hirschman's classic book from 1970.

The Internet is a Schizophrenia Simulator with Paul Town

Paul Town is an author and all-around star of the internet underground.

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